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"When the soul and personality are in harmony,
all is joy and peace, happiness and health" 

Dr Edward Bach 



Thank you for dropping by to find out more about the Bach Flower  Remedy courses that I am giving.

I love teaching Dr Bach's incredible legacy of the 38 flower remedies. On behalf of the Bach Centre, I've been training students, practitioners and trainers ever since the early 90's and still teach the practitioner programme (Level 3) and teachers' programmes in the seminar room at the Bach Centre. Thanks to technology and in response to the need to make courses accessible during the lockdowns, my fellow trainers and I helped to develop the online programmes. As time allows, I plan to teach online again next year and will post updates here and on the Bach Centre website. 

My first date of 2024 for Practitioner Level 3 at the Bach Centre is the 23-26 April. Bookings are open via I look forward to welcoming you to what is always a wonderful international group of fellow-students.   

As to my book, Emotional Wisdom with Bach Flower Remedies I'm so pleased with how it has been received - in print and as an ebook. The Thai translation print edition was published in February, and it is already in print in Chinese and Bulgarian and as an ebook in Italian.


What it is about...

I've endeavoured to reflect in the book, the simplicity of Dr Bach's gentle, self-help system that he discovered in the 1930s, which today is considered to be the missing link in holistic healthcare. The remedies help to restore emotional balance so we can become mindful of our innate wisdom and create a happier and healthier life. 


Within this book are the personality traits, emotions and behaviours you will recognise in yourself or in others. There will be one, or quite possibly several moments of insight that indicate there is inner work awaiting your attention. This is the Bach flower remedy journey. 


As a former executive coach in organisations and from teaching Bach students around the world for decades, I have heard hundreds of wonderful healing stories of how Bach flower remedies have helped people from all walks of life discover their sense of purpose and what makes their soul sing. 


I hope you will find that my book, introducing the aspirational concept of emotional wisdom and the concise descriptions of the 38 Bach flowers, becomes a valued resource on your journey.

Wishing you joy, 



P.S. As you explore this book, make notes in the margins to remind yourself how far you will have travelled ... 


If you live in South East Asia, you can order the English and Traditional Chinese editions of my book directly from


For book enquiries or speaker requests, please use the form below. 



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80 pages 38 Colour photos


print edition 

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38 Bach Flower Remedies

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New Date
Bach Practitioner Programme
at the Bach Centre  
23-26 April 2024

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