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Healing your Life

Life in lockdown has not been easy for anyone and yet tougher on some more than others. None the less, whatever our circumstances, it's likely we will all have been subjected at times to our emotions kicking off and not always in their most positive expression.

When Dr Bach completed his research and discovery of the 38 flower remedies that bear his name, he was very clear, that in selecting the correct flowers, it was important to focus on our individual emotions, and not any physical condition we may be experiencing. How we emotionally feel will impact on how we physically feel. And by recalibrating our emotions, we may find we feel differently physically in how we cope with whatever ails us.

When we feel unhappy it can be hard to pull ourselves out of it. That emotion will colour whatever else is going on in our life. Getting ourselves back on track can be achieved with the right personal combination of Bach Flowers.

For example. if you feel angry, try Holly, irritated then that is Impatiens, discouraged by setbacks select Gentian, lost confidence then Larch. There are millions of possible combinations from the 38 and all it takes is for you to connect with your emotion and identify the corresponding Bach remedy or remedies and make up a mix to take regularly. You can have up to 7 in your personal mix. The Bach flowers, known as an energy therapy, are simple, safe, gentle and effective.

If you haven't done so already, download the free chart on the home page, and see which flowers speak to you the most.

Being healthier is in your hands.


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