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Integrated leadership with 9performancepi® 


All too often there is news of yet another company losing its way, of a project going pear shaped, or a crisis in management and leadership. It is as if the wheels fell off somewhere along the road, and no-one noticed until it was too late. 


9performancepi is a simple concept that offers the potential for profound learning for individuals, teams or organisations. Whether involved in building a team or action planning or strategic development there are key elements to take into account to ensure a solid foundation and a successful outcome. 


9performancepi is a holistic matrix, and yet also fluid in its interpretation and application. The only rule is that we have to remain vigilant to all aspects of 9performancepi being in the equation. 


9performancepi arose from my sense that there was always something missing in a range of business models, and I wanted to create something that was reflective of the world we inhabit. The pieces of the puzzle finally came together when analysing successful organisations and realising what it was that had made the difference. It is each and every one of us.... 


Feedback from coaches and consultants:


It will change how people think and behave and ultimately impact cultures of companies, therefore provides sustainable benefit.


This can really add meaning and a framework to the coaching dynamic.


An elegant yet deep tool to facilitate a client shifting.


A way of realigning focus and directing effort and energy toward the right target.


Something that will encourage strengthened relationships through open communication. 


Stimulates inquiry and deeper understanding and connection.


Enlightening personally and provided me with a valuable tool that I can apply immediately in my work,

which I believe will improve the quality of my work, and by definition, enhanced value to my clients.


Insightful - I have made some really useful self-development discoveries.


Stimulating and thought-provoking.





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